[JenniferSoft News]JenniferSoft Reports.2011the first half year Results _ Revenue up 27 Percent

By jennifersoft on 2011-07-20 09:08:00 ( ko en )


As of the end of June, 2011, the total number of accumulated customers amounts to 511 and up until the end of the last year, the total of accumulated license revenue adds up to 28 billion won. In addition, up until the first half of 2011, the business record indicates a great advance made by JENNIFER. Compared to the same period of the previous year, the incredible growth rate of 27% was achieved.


JenniferSoft has never forgotten its ambitious dream to conquer the world market. In addition to its existing US and Japanese branches, in November, 2010, aiming at the EU market, JenniferSoft established an independent Holland branch(JENNIFERSOFT B.V) and since then, JenniferSoft has been expanding our business areas to China, Southeastern Asian countries(Malaysia, Thailand)and so on.

For the past six years, JenniferSoft has been walking on not-so-tough roads until it can successfully secure its position as the world’s best APM solution vendor.

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